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Drug Deliv. 2016 Sep;23(7):2245-2254. Epub 2014 Sep 30.

Formulation, optimization and evaluation of curcumin-β-cyclodextrin-loaded sponge for effective drug delivery in thermal burns chemotherapy.

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a Department of Pharmaceutics , ISF College of Pharmacy , Moga , Punjab.


The present study was designed to determine the role of curcumin-β-cyclodextrin-loaded sponge on burn wound healing in rats. Curcumin-β-cyclodextrin complex was prepared by the solvent evaporation encapsulation method. Molecular inclusion complex of curcumin-β-cyclodextrin was incorporated into gelatin sponge. The developed sponge was characterized for drug entrapment, drug release and morphology. The biological activity of optimized formulation was determined on burn wounds which were made on rats. The burn wound healing efficacy was analyzed through physical and histological changes observed at the wound sites. There was a significant decrease in rate of wound contraction in experimental groups then the control group. Curcumin-β-cyclodextrin-loaded sponge treated wound was found to heal in rate comparable to marketed formulation with no sign of adverse consequence. The result clearly substantiates the beneficial effects of curcumin-β-cyclodextrin-loaded sponge in the acceleration of wound healing.


Curcumin; gelatin sponge; thermal burns; tissue regeneration; wound healing

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