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Int Immunol. 1989;1(6):631-42.

Production of sterile transcripts of C gamma genes in an IgM-producing human neoplastic B cell line that switches to IgG-producing cells.

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Department of Medical Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan.


A human neoplastic B cell line SSK41 that expresses IgM on its surface switches spontaneously to IgG-producing cells. The SSK41 line contains a single immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus, the constant region (C) genes of which retain the germline configuration. The IgG-producing SSK41 line was purified by sorting, and shown to have undergone S-S recombination with deletion of the C mu gene. This line produced secretory and membrane-bound forms of gamma-chain mRNA. From cDNA libraries of a mixed population of IgM+/IgG+ SSK41 cells, we have isolated cDNA clones encoding the mature membrane-bound and secretory forms of the mu and gamma 1 heavy chains, all of which share the same variable region sequence. cDNA clones containing the mature gamma 3 chain were identified as well. We also isolated cDNA clones containing C gamma 1 and C gamma 3 sterile transcripts from the SSK41 line. These sterile transcripts contained additional exon sequences designated 'I' which were localized upstream of the C gamma 1 and C gamma 3 switch regions and homologous to murine counterparts. The I sequences were precisely spliced to the 5' ends of the corresponding C gamma exon sequences. These features of germline CH transcripts, i.e. the isotype specificity to class switching, location of exons, and sequences per se, are highly conserved between man and mouse.

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