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Nucleic Acids Res. 1989 Sep 25;17(18):7469-86.

Cloning and analysis of the spc ribosomal protein operon of Bacillus subtilis: comparison with the spc operon of Escherichia coli.

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Louisiana State University Medical Center, Shreveport 71130.


A segment of Bacillus subtilis chromosomal DNA homologous to the Escherichia coli spc ribosomal protein operon was isolated using cloned E. coli rplE (L5) DNA as a hybridization probe. DNA sequence analysis of the B. subtilis cloned DNA indicated a high degree of conservation of spc operon ribosomal protein genes between B. subtilis and E. coli. This fragment contains DNA homologous to the promoter-proximal region of the spc operon, including coding sequences for ribosomal proteins L14, L24, L5, S14, and part of S8; the organization of B. subtilis genes in this region is identical to that found in E. coli. A region homologous to the E. coli L16, L29 and S17 genes, the last genes of the S10 operon, was located upstream from the gene for L14, the first gene in the spc operon. Although the ribosomal protein coding sequences showed 40-60% amino acid identity with E. coli sequences, we failed to find sequences which would form a structure resembling the E. coli target site for the S8 translational repressor, located near the beginning of the L5 coding region in E. coli, in this region or elsewhere in the B. subtilis spc DNA.

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