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Cell. 1989 Sep 8;58(5):1001-7.

Activation of immunoglobulin kappa gene rearrangement correlates with induction of germline kappa gene transcription.

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Whitehead Institute, Nine Cambridge Center, Massachusetts 02142.


We have developed a sensitive polymerase chain reaction assay for measuring the fraction of rearranged immunoglobulin kappa genes in a cell population. Using this assay with Abelson virus-transformed murine pre-B cells, we have found that bacterial lipopolysaccharide treatment, which activates transcription of the unrearranged kappa constant region gene, also activates kappa gene rearrangement. In addition, we have been able to detect kappa gene rearrangement in cell lines that do not produce a functional heavy chain gene product (mu protein). These results implicate transcription or transcription factor binding as a regulator of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement.

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