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Microbiol Immunol. 1989;33(5):391-401.

Presence of proteins derived from the vegetative cell membrane in the dormant spore coat of Bacillus subtilis.

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Department of Microbiology, Nagoya City University Medical School, Aichi.


To confirm the presence of the outer spore membrane in dormant spore coats of Bacillus subtilis, the proteins from vegetative cell membrane and dormant spore coat fractions were compared by immunoblot assay with antibodies prepared against both preparations. The spore coat fraction contained at least 11 proteins antigenically identical to those in the vegetative cell membranes. Further, the cytochemical localization of the proteins derived from vegetative cell membrane in dormant spores was examined by an immunoelectron microscopy method with a colloidal gold-immunoglobulin G complex. The colloidal gold particles were observed in the coat region and around the core region of dormant spore. These results have provided evidence that some proteins from vegetative cell membrane remain in the dormant spore coat region of B. subtilis, although it is not clear whether the outer membrane persists as an intact functional entity or not.

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