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Mol Immunol. 1989 Apr;26(4):359-70.

Organ reactive autoantibodies from non-immunized adult BALB/c mice are polyreactive and express non-biased VH gene usage.

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Laboratory of Oral Medicine, National Institute of Dental Research, Bethesda, MD 20892.


To examine the naturally activated autoreactive B cell repertoire, we analyzed a panel of hybridomas from unmanipulated adult BALB/c spleen cells for reactivity patterns and VH gene usage. We found a pattern of VH usage that was diverse and appeared to reflect the germline repertoire. Although all but one natural antibody hybridoma (NAb) were initially selected for organ rather than antigen binding, the majority of organ reactive IgM NAbs were polyreactive, expressing a broad range of reactivity patterns for both self and foreign antigens, that were unique for each NAb and were not indiscriminate. Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that many naturally activated adult B cells are highly polyreactive and that autoreactivity is a consequence of polyreactivity. We suggest that the population of NAbs exhibiting organ reactivity overlaps the populations of other IgM autoantibodies that have been described previously, and that these all derive from a pool of polyreactive IgM antibodies which are polyclonally activated in the early immune response. These polyreactive natural antibodies may represent a first line of defense and offer protection for the host against a variety of foreign agents.

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