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[The clinical analysis and treatment of contact granuloma of larynx].

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To explore the clinical features and treatments of contact granuloma of larynx.


To find the best treatments by analyzing the clinical features, related causes and the treatments of the 13 contact granuloma of larynx cases, which have complete data, of our department from Jan 2005 to Dec 2012, also by comparing the effect of conservative treatment and operation treatment.


Contact granuloma of larynx is more common in men (84.6%). The main causes are gastro esophageal reflux, chronic cough, habitual hawk and endotracheal intubation disease. However, a big part (38.4%) gets the disease without any other disease history. The main clinical feature of the disease includes: sensation of foreign matter in throat, easy to get exhausted when talking and voice hoarse, but also 30.7% without any feature in throat. Among the 13 cases, 6 were treated by operation and the first recurrence was 66.6%. The cure rate was 50% after one or two operations. The other 7 were treated in conservative way, including anti- Gastro esophageal reflux, avoiding excessive talking, reducing habitual hawk ,or without any medical treatment. The cure rate was 57.1%. The total cure rate was 53.8%. However, it is nonsense to comparing the two different treatments (Chi2 = 0.066, P > 0.05).


There is still no standard treatment for contact granuloma of larynx and the effect is not good enough. The treatment should be depending on individual case. Conservative treatment is the first choice. However, operation should be considered if the patient has obviously hoarse and his granuloma is too large to breathe well.

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