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Pol J Occup Med. 1989;2(4):376-88.

Methods for determining soluble and insoluble Cr III and Cr VI compounds in welding fumes.


An analytical procedure for simultaneous determination of soluble and insoluble Cr III and Cr VI compounds in welding fumes has been proposed. In the welding fume samples collected on a membrane filter, total chromium was determined with atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS). Glass filters with collected samples were divided into two parts. In one part of the sample, soluble and insoluble chromium was determined by means of AAS. The separation of soluble chromium III and VI was carried out on diphenylcarbazide resin. In the second part of the sample total chromium VI was determined by means of the colorimetric method with s-diphenylcarbazide. The difference in the results of these determinations allowed the calculation of the content of total Cr III, Cr III insolub. and Cr VI insolub. The results of determining chromium compounds in welding fumes samples collected in the welder's breathing zone and in experimental chambers are also presented in this paper. The content of total chromium in the fumes determined by AAS (from a membrane filtr) and that calculated from the sum of soluble and insoluble chromium (from a glass filter) were concordant and within the limits of the admissible error for the method. Total chromium content in welding fume samples collected individually was found to range from 2.4-4.2%. The percentage of particular chromium compounds as compared to total chromium (100%) amounted: total Cr III--34%, total Cr VI--66%, soluble chromium--66% and in this Cr III--20% and Cr VI--43%, insoluble chromium--34% and in this: Cr III--14% and Cr VI--20%.

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