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Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2014 Mar 15;7(4):1389-401. eCollection 2014.

Heterogeneity of microRNAs expression in cervical cancer cells: over-expression of miR-196a.

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Laboratorio de Oncología Genómica, UIMEO, Hospital de Oncología CMN-SXXI, IMSS, Mexico.
Laboratorio de Oncología Experimental, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría SS, México.
Laboratorio de Inmunología y Cáncer, UIMEO, Hospital de Oncología CMN-SXXI, IMSS, Mexico.
Departamento de Patología, Hospital de Oncología, CMN-SXXI, IMSS, Mexico.
Clínica de Displasia, Unidad de Oncología, Hospital de México SS, México.
Servicio de Oncología, Hospital General de México SS. México.


In recent years, the study of microRNAs associated with neoplastic processes has increased. Patterns of microRNA expression in different cell lines and different kinds of tumors have been identified; however, little is known about the alterations in regulatory pathways and genes involved in aberrant set of microRNAs. The identification of these altered microRNAs in several cervical cancer cells and potentially deregulated pathways involved constitute the principal goals of the present study. In the present work, the expression profiles of cellular microRNAs in Cervical Cancer tissues and cell lines were explored using microRNA microarray, Affymetrix. The most over-expressed was miR-196a, which was evaluated by real time PCR, and HOXC8 protein as potential target by immunohistochemistry assay. One hundred and twenty three human microRNAs differentially expressed in the cell tumor, 64 (52%) over-expressed and 59 (48%) under-expressed were observed. Among the microRNAs over-expressed, we focused on miR-196a; at present this microRNA is poorly studied in CC. The expression of this microRNA was evaluated by qRT-PCR, and HOXC8 by immunohistochemistry assay. There is not a specific microRNA expression profile in the CC cells, neither a microRNA related to HPV presence. Furthermore, the miR-196a was over-expressed, while an absence of HOXC8 expression was observed. We suggest that miR-196a could be played as oncomiR in CC.


Cervical cancer; HOXC8; miR-196a; microRNAs

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