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J Gen Microbiol. 1989 Apr;135(4):989-99.

Characterization of Staphylococcus species by ribosomal RNA gene restriction patterns.

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Centre National de Référence pour les Staphylocoques, Laboratoire des Staphylocoques et des Streptocoques, Paris, France.


The rRNA gene restriction pattern sof 110 strains belonging to 12 staphylococcal species have been determined. The strains, isolated from various sources, were epidemiologically unrelated. Total DNA was cleaved with restriction enzymes HindIII and EcoRI, electrophoretically separated and probed with radiolabelled 16S rDNA from Bacillus subtilis inserted in a plasmid vector, pBR322. Fourty-four distinct HindIII patterns and 44 distinct EcoRI patterns were observed. Strains belonging to different species had different patterns. Although distinct patterns were also observed with some species, a core of common bands could be discerned within each species or subspecies. Analysis of the patterns revealed two taxa in Staphylococcus xylosus which were not evident using phenotypic characteristics. Of 18 strains which were difficult to identify using phenotypic schemes, 15 showed patterns typical of known species. The three remaining atypical strains showed unusual patterns and may belong either to a known species, not included in the study, or to a new species. Since various patterns were observed within some species (e.g.S.aureus and S. epidermidis), rRNA gene restriction patterns may have epidemiological, as well as taxonomic interest.

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