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Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2014 Mar;20(3):201-6.

[Microwave radiation induces injury to GC-2spd cells].

[Article in Chinese]



To explore the impact of microwave radiation on GC-2spd cells.


We exposed cultured GC-2spd cells to microwave radiation at the average power densities of 0, 10 and 30 mW/cm2 for 15 minutes and, from I to 24 hours after the exposure, we observed the changes in cell proliferation, histology and ultrastructure, cell apoptosis, and cAMP content by MTIT, light microscopy, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and ELISA.


Compared with the control group, the GC-2spd cells showed a significant decrease in proliferation ability at 1 -24 hours after 10 and 30 mW/cm2 microwave radiation, except at 12 hours after 30 mW/cm2 radiation (P <0.05 or P <0.01), with reduced length and number of cell enation and increased intra cytoplasm vacuoles. The rate of cell apoptosis (%) was significantly increased in the 10 and 30 mW/cm2 groups at 6 hours (4.56 +/- 2.09 vs 14.59 +/- 1.09 and 8.48 +/- 1.73, P <0.05 or P <0.01) , with agglutination and margin translocation of chromatins and obvious dilation of endo cytoplasmic reticula. The cAMP content (nmol/g) in the GC-2spd cells was remarkably reduced in the 10 and 30 mW/cm2 groups at 6 and 24 hours (2.77 +/-0.24 vs 1.65+/- 0. 17 and 1.96+/-0.10, 3.02 +/-0.47 vs 2.13 +/-0.33 and 1.69 +/-0.27, P <0.05 or P <0.01).


Microwave radiation at 10 and 30 mW/cm2 may cause injury to GC-2spd cells, which is manifested by decreased content of intracellular cAMP, reduced activity of cell proliferation, and increased rate of cell apoptosis.

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