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J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2014 Jan;14(1):755-65.

Liposomes: versatile and biocompatible nanovesicles for efficient biomolecules delivery.


Since the revolutionary discovery that phospholipids can form closed bilayered structures in aqueous systems, liposomes have become a very interesting topic of research. Because of their versatility and amazing biocompatibility, the use of liposomes has been widely accepted in many scientific disciplines. Their applications, especially in medicine, have yielded breakthroughs with anticancer-drug carriers over the past few decades. Specifically, their easy preparation and various structural aspects have given rise to a broadly usable way to internalize biomolecules such as drugs, DNA, RNA and even imaging probes. This review article reports recent developments in liposomal drug delivery and gene delivery, and thoroughly covers the synthesis and different kinds of liposomal surface modification techniques that have resulted in higher stability and efficiency with respect to the use of liposomes in tumor cell targeting, site-specific release, and extending blood retention times.

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