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Bioorg Khim. 2013 Jul-Aug;39(4):383-99.

[Compartmentalization of ROS-mediated signal transduction].

[Article in Russian]


The localization of signaling molecules close to their targets is the central principle of cell signaling. The colocalization of multicomponent signaling complexes is realized through protein scaffolds that provide better specificity than undirected diffusion ofthe same components. ROS-generating complexes have been suggested to follow this principle by specific intracellular localization of ROS production and the limitation of ROS diffusion distances. However, the lack of adequate methods did not allow direct detection of local ROS production to confirm the model ofredox signaling compartmentalization. Nevertheless, evidences of local ROS production and restriction of diffusion were provided by kinetic modeling and data on the subcellular localization of NADPH-oxidase isoforms, their adapter proteins and local restriction of ROS diffusion. Here we shall discuss the properties of antioxidant system which prevents uncontrolled ROS diffusion from the sites of generation to the adjacent subcellular compartments; the current data of the specific localization NADPH-oxidases activity and its influence on intracellular processes; the recent evidences of the ROS diffusion restriction.

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