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Birth. 2014 Mar;41(1):33-8. doi: 10.1111/birt.12090.

Early skin-to-skin contact, rooming-in, and breastfeeding: a comparison of the 2004 and 2011 National Surveys in Taiwan.

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Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, New Taipei; Institute of Public Health, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei.



We examined progress in the practice of early skin-to-skin contact and rooming-in, and their association with breastfeeding, using national samples of postpartum women in the years 2004 and 2011 in Taiwan.


This study was a secondary data analysis using 2004 and 2011 national surveys of 12,201 and 12,405 postpartum women, respectively.


More women had early skin-to-skin contact in 2011 than in 2004 (54.9% vs 20.6%, p < 0.001). Although fewer women practiced rooming-in in 2011 than in 2004 (33.8% vs 45.8%, p < 0.001), the percentage of women rooming-in for 24 hours improved from 6.1 percent to 22.7 percent from 2004 to 2011, and for rooming-in from 12 to less than 24 hours, the percentage improved from 4.3 percent to 10.9 percent (p < 0.001). The rate of breastfeeding increased by 50 percent during hospitalization (from 57.4% to 85.6%) and by 150 percent at 6 months postpartum (from 20.1% to 50.2%). After adjustment for background characteristics, women who had early skin-to-skin contact were more than twice as likely to breastfeed their infants during hospitalization, and about 1.2 times as likely to breastfeed at 6 months postpartum. The odds ratio for breastfeeding at 6 months generally increased as the duration of rooming-in increased in 2004 (OR ranged from 1.37 to 2.47). In 2011, only rooming-in for 12 to less than 24 hours (OR = 1.31) and 24 hours (OR = 1.98) daily significantly increased the odds ratio for breastfeeding at 6 months postpartum.


Significant improvements in early skin-to-skin contact, the duration of rooming-in, and breastfeeding were observed in Taiwan. Early skin-to-skin contact and rooming-in for more than 12 hours were associated with increased chances for exclusive breastfeeding and breastfeeding at 6 months postpartum.


Taiwan; breastfeeding; early skin-to-skin contact; rooming-in

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