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Med J Malaysia. 2013 Oct;68(5):393-6.

Characterisation of rh and other blood group systems amongst the maldivian blood donors.

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IGM Hospital, Laboratory Services, Kan'baa aisaarani hingun, Male', 20402, Maldives.
IGM Hospital, Laboratory Services, Kan'baa aisaarani hingun, Male', 20402, Maldives.



We here report the first study on the distribution of red cell antigens and phenotype frequencies of various blood group systems in Maldives.


Randomly selected 123 regular blood donors of O group were phenotyped for seven blood group systems by direct tube agglutination and or indirect antiglobulin tests. Blood group systems studied were Rh, Kidd, Duffy, Lewis, Kell, P and MNS system.


Rh blood grouping showed, 7.3% donors were Rh(D) negative, 92.7% were Rh(D) positive with the predominance of genotype complex of DCe/DCe (39.0%). The incidence of Jk(a+b+) phenotype was the most common in Kidd system. In Duffy system, the incidence of Fy(a+b+) phenotype was 50.4%. Lewis system was predominated by Le(a-b+) phenotype accounting to 80.5% of the donors. In the Kell system only two phenotypes were present, K+k- (5.7%) and k+k+ (94.3%), in the Maldivian blood donors. P system was represented by P1, P2 and P2k phenotypes with an incidence of 28.5%, 70.7% and 0.8% respectively. In the MNS system, MNss and MNSs phenotypes summed up to 48.8% of blood donors.


The detail knowledge of red cell antigen composition and their frequencies in the Maldivian population will be helpful in terms of population genetic perspectives, in establishing a donor data-bank for in-house production of indigenous screening and identification cell panels, and facilitate availability of antigen negative compatible blood for patients with previously identified multiple alloantibodies.

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