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Life Sci. 1988;43(13):1021-9.

Calcium dependence of beta-adrenoceptor mediated cyclic AMP accumulation in human lymphocytes.

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Division of Clinical Pharmacology, UCLA School of Medicine 90024.


In intact human lymphocytes, cyclic AMP accumulation in response to isoproterenol was inhibited by 5 mM EDTA, by deletion of calcium ions from the medium and by 1 mM lanthanum chloride, but not by 1 microM verapamil or by 10 microM nifedipine. A23187 caused a modest increase in cyclic AMP content. Exposure of lymphocytes to 5 microM 1-isoproterenol desensitized the cells to subsequent beta-adrenergic stimulation, reducing cyclic AMP accumulation. With higher concentrations of 1-isoproterenol (50 microM), receptor density was reduced as well. None of the above agents attenuated losses in agonist-stimulated cyclic AMP accumulation induced by treatment with 5 microM isoproterenol for 90 min. These data suggest that calcium ions, both those present in the extracellular medium and those bound to the plasma membrane, are required for isoproterenol-stimulation of adenylate cyclase. In addition, it appears that neither the presence of extracellular calcium ions nor full activation of adenylate cyclase are required for desensitization.

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