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J Mol Biol. 1988 Aug 20;202(4):689-96.

Detecting distant homologies of mosaic proteins. Analysis of the sequences of thrombomodulin, thrombospondin complement components C9, C8 alpha and C8 beta, vitronectin and plasma cell membrane glycoprotein PC-1.

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Institute of Enzymology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.


Recognition of homologies may give hints about the structure and function of proteins; therefore, we are developing strategies to aid sequence comparisons. Detecting homology of mosaic proteins is especially difficult since the modules constituting these proteins are usually distantly related and their homology is not readily recognized by conventional computer programs. In the present work we show that the rules of the evolution of mosaic proteins can guide the identification of modules of mosaic proteins and can delineate the group of sequences in which the presence of homologous sequences may be expected. By this approach we can concentrate the search for homology to a limited group of sequences; thus ensuring a more intense and more fruitful search. The power of this approach is illustrated by the fact that it could detect homologies not identified by earlier methods of sequence comparison. In this paper we show that thrombomodulin contains a domain homologous with animal lectins, that complement components C9, C8 alpha and C8 beta have modules homologous with one of the repeat units of thrombospondin and that the somatomedin B module of vitronectin is homologous with the internal repeats of plasma cell membrane glycoprotein PC-1.

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