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Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2014 Jun;65(4):502-6. doi: 10.3109/09637486.2014.886183. Epub 2014 Feb 13.

In vitro hypoglycemic effects of hot water extract from Auricularia polytricha (wood ear mushroom).

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Department of Food Science, National Chia-Yi University , Chia-Yi, Taiwan , ROC and.


Viscous dietary fibers were shown to alleviate postprandial blood glucose. Auricularia polytricha (wood ear mushroom, WEM) contains rich amount fibers and water extract WEM was highly viscous. This study aimed to investigate whether WEM extract exhibited hypoglycemic effect in vitro. The effects of WEM extract on glucose adsorption, glucose diffusion, starch digestion and α-amylase activity were examined and compared to those of two high soluble fibers, psyllium and oat fiber and one insoluble fiber, cellulose. Our results showed that WEM extract and psyllium possessed similar ability to adsorb glucose which may thus decrease the level of dialysis glucose. The decrease of dialysis rate is dose-dependent. WEM extract can also suppress the activity of α-amylase which may thus inhibit the digestion of polysaccharides. Since WEM extract exhibited the ability to adsorb glucose and to suppress the activity of α-amylase; it might contribute a beneficial effect on postprandial levels of blood sugar.


Auricularia polytricha; glucose adsorption; glucose diffusion; starch digestion; α-Amylase

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