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Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 1988 Mar;11(3):308-14.

The efficacy, electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic effects of intravenous pirmenol, a new class I antiarrhythmic agent, in patients with ventricular tachycardia: comparison with procainamide.

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Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester 01605.


The electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic effects of intravenous pirmenol were compared with intravenous procainamide in 17 patients with symptomatic ventricular tachycardia. Pirmenol was found to prolong the PR interval, the QRS duration, the QTc interval, the HV interval, the atrial effective refractory period, and the ventricular effective refractory period. The sinus cycle length decreased following pirmenol administration. The sinus node recovery time, the PA interval, the AH interval, the Wenckebach cycle length, and the AV nodal ERP were unchanged. In patients whose ventricular tachycardias remained inducible on pirmenol, the cycle length was significantly prolonged compared to baseline. These changes were similar to those seen following the administration of procainamide. All 17 patients had sustained ventricular tachycardia inducible during programmed ventricular stimulation in the baseline state. In four patients the ventricular tachycardia was suppressed with both primenol and procainamide. In the remaining 13 patients ventricular tachycardia remained inducible on procainamide. Of these 13 patients, an additional two patients had their ventricular tachycardias rendered noninducible on pirmenol.


(1) the electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic effects of pirmenol are similar to those of procainamide; (2) although ventricular tachycardia inducibility following procainamide was similar to that of pirmenol, an occasional patient with ventricular tachycardia inducible on procainamide had ventricular tachycardias suppressed on pirmenol.

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