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Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova. 2013 Jun;99(6):763-75.

[The features of postsynaptic currents in primary culture of rat cortical neurons].

[Article in Russian]


The generation features of postsynaptic currents were studied in primary culture of cortical neurons at 7-20 days in vitro (DIV). The use of specific blockers of postsynaptic ion channels after 10 DIV revealed all types of electrical activity found in adult cortex including miniature inhibitory (mIPSCs), excitatory (mEPSCs) and spontaneous giant excitatory currents and spikes. The frequency of mEPSCs increased exponentially from 7 to 20 DIV doubling every 2.2 days in parallel with changes in action potentials generation. The mEPSCs generated by NMDA and AMPA or by only AMPA receptor activation were found. The inhibition of NMDA receptors by magnesium ions or AP5 were shown to modulate the frequency and amplitude of mEPSCs, which differ primary culture from brain slices possibly because of the lack of glial control of synaptic transmission.

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