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Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 2013 May-Jun;63(3):328-37.

[FMRI-study of speech perception impairment in post-stroke patients with sensory aphasia].

[Article in Russian]


The aim of the study was to find neurophysiological correlates of the primary stage impairment of speech perception, namely phonemic discrimination, in patients with sensory aphasia after acute ischemic stroke in the left hemisphere by noninvasive method of fMRI. For this purpose we registered the fMRI-equivalent of mismatch negativity (MMN) in response to the speech phonemes--syllables "ba" and "pa" in odd-ball paradigm in 20 healthy subjects and 23 patients with post-stroke sensory aphasia. In healthy subjects active brain areas depending from the MMN contrast were observed in the superior temporal and inferior frontal gyri in the right and left hemispheres. In the group of patients there was a significant activation of the auditory cortex in the right hemisphere only, and this activation was less in a volume and intensity than in healthy subjects and correlated to the degree of preservation of speech. Thus, the method of recording fMRI equivalent of MMN is sensitive to study the speech perception impairment.

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