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J Auton Nerv Syst. 1987 Jul;20(1):73-86.

Afferent connections and spinal projections of the pressor region in the rostral ventrolateral medulla of the cat.

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  • 1I. Physiologisches Institut, Universit√§t Heidelberg, F.R.G.


Following microinjection of wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP) into the pressor region of the rostral ventrolateral medulla of the cat, the medulla, pons and hypothalamus were examined for retrogradely labelled cell bodies, while the thoracolumbar segments of the spinal cord were examined for anterogradely labelled axons. Dense groups of labelled cells were found in the following areas: (1) the nucleus of the solitary tract, particularly the medial, ventrolateral and commissural subnuclei; (2) the ambiguous complex and immediately surrounding area; (3) the Kölliker-Fuse nucleus in the pons; (4) the paraventricular nucleus and lateral hypothalamic area. In the spinal cord, labelled axons formed a band extending throughout the dorsolateral and ventrolateral funiculi at thoracic segments, while terminal labelling was observed in the intermediolateral nucleus and to a lesser extent the central autonomic area, but not in other parts of the grey matter. The findings are discussed in relation to the role of the rostral ventrolateral medulla in cardiovascular regulation, particularly the baroreceptor reflex.

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