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Am J Clin Pathol. 1987 Sep;88(3):297-301.

Comparison of keratin monoclonal antibodies MAK-6, AE1:AE3, and CAM-5.2.


Two routinely used antikeratin monoclonal antibodies, AE1:AE3 (Hybritech Inc., La Jolla, CA) and CAM-5.2 (Becton-Dickinson, Mountain View, CA), were compared with a new antikeratin monoclonal antibody mixture, MAK-6 (Triton Biosciences, Inc., Alameda, CA). Various poorly differentiated epithelial neoplasms, lymphomas, melanomas, and sarcomas were studied with the use of the avidin-biotin-peroxidase technic. All three antibodies had similar staining profiles, however, some differences were noted. The MAK-6 and CAM-5.2 antibodies illustrated stronger staining for some grade III transitional cell carcinomas, whereas the AE1:AE3 was variably positive to negative in all cases. Three renal cell carcinomas were positive with all three antibodies, two were negative with all three, and one had scattered positive cells with MAK-6 only. All lymphomas and plasmacytomas were negative with MAK-6 and CAM-5.2, however, AE1:AE3 faintly stained two of three plasmacytomas and two of the seven large cell lymphomas. Two out of three hepatomas evaluated were strongly positive with CAM-5.2 and MAK-6 and variably positive with AE1:AE3. The third case had both positive and negative cells with all three antibodies. In conclusion, MAK-6 antikeratin antibody is as useful as AE1:AE3 and CAM-5.2 for identification of poorly differentiated epithelial neoplasms.

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