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J Urol. 1987 Sep;138(3):503-7.

A prospective double-blind clinically controlled multicenter trial of sodium pentosanpolysulfate in the treatment of interstitial cystitis and related painful bladder disease.


Painful bladder disease, sensory bladder disease, chronic abacterial cystitis and interstitial cystitis are ill-defined conditions of unknown etiology and pathogenesis, and, therefore, they are without any rational therapy. Pathogenetic theories concerning defects in the epithelium and/or mucous surface coat (including glycosaminoglycans) of the bladder, and theories concerning immunological disturbances predominate. Sodium pentosanpolysulfate (Elmiron) acts by substituting a defective glycosaminoglycan layer and inhibits complement reactions in inflammatory processes. We compared sodium pentosanpolysulfate versus placebo in a prospective double-blind, clinically controlled multicenter trial of 115 patients with painful bladder disease. Two protocols were used. Protocol A included 43 patients with clinically and pathologically anatomically verified interstitial cystitis (28 or more mast cells per mm.2), and protocol B included 72 patients with a painful bladder and unspecific histological findings. The patients were randomized to receive either sodium pentosanpolysulfate (200 mg. twice daily) or placebo capsules for 4 months. Before and after the trial the patients were evaluated with symptom grading, urodynamics and cystoscopy with distension and deep bladder biopsies. The results showed no difference between the pre-trial and post-trial values in the sodium pentosanpolysulfate and placebo groups in both protocols in regard to symptoms, urodynamic parameters, cystoscopic appearance and mast cell counts. A significant increase in the cystoscopically determined bladder capacity in the sodium pentosanpolysulfate group in protocol A was found. We conclude that no statistically or clinically significant effect of sodium pentosanpolysulfate was found compared to placebo in patients with painful bladder disease.

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