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Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 1986 Nov;9(6 Pt 2):1101-9.

Antibodies to human sinus node in sick sinus syndrome.


The incidence of autoantibodies against human conducting tissue was studied in 45 pacemaker patients with sick sinus syndrome (SSS), in 17 patients with bradyarrhythmia, and five patients with hypersensitive carotid sinus syndrome. Antibodies against the human sinus node were demonstrated in 29% of patients with SSS and in 24% of patients with bradyarrhythmia; a tenfold risk of SSS could be calculated in patients with this antibody as compared to age-matched controls. At least two subtypes of anti-sinus node antibodies were demonstrated: an antibody absorbable and another one not absorbable with ventricular myocardium. Patients with SSS and prior myocarditis of rheumatic fever have a threefold incidence of that antibody, demonstrating that anti-conducting tissue antibodies are etiologic indicators for former inflammatory heart disease. These antibodies may play a role in the secondary immunopathogenesis of sick sinus syndrome. This hypothesis emerges as an interesting new pathogenetic concept.

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