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Pediatr Res. 1986 Dec;20(12):1316-20.

Oxygen consumption and ouabain binding sites in cystic fibrosis nasal epithelium.


Ion transport by the epithelium lining the airways of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) is characterized by a raised transepithelial PD and an increased amiloride sensitivity (1). These properties could arise from normal sodium transport across an epithelium with decreased cell chloride permeability and limited chloride secretion. Alternatively, a higher than normal rate of sodium absorption could contribute to these abnormalities. We investigated the latter possibility by measuring oxygen consumption and specific ouabain binding of CF and atopic polyp epithelia and normal turbinate epithelium. Tissue from CF patients consumed oxygen at a rate that was two to three times that of non-CF tissues and had 60% more ouabain binding sites than non-CF epithelium. These results are not consistent with an isolated defect in chloride permeability but support recent findings that the sodium conductance of the apical cell membrane and net sodium absorption by CF nasal epithelium are greater than those of non-CF nasal epithelium.

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