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Dev Biol. 1986 Dec;118(2):593-607.

Drosophila glue gene Sgs-3: sequences required for puffing and transcriptional regulation.


The 68C intermolt puff of Drosophila melanogaster contains a cluster of three glue protein genes, Sgs-3, Sgs-7, and Sgs-8. By analysis of chromosomal rearrangements which break near the glue gene cluster, we have established that a region of no more than 20 kb is required for normal expression of the glue genes and for formation of the 68C puff. Using P element-mediated transformation, we have introduced defined segments of the 68C region into the fly genome and assayed the expression of the Sgs-3 gene. Based on the criteria of correct tissue- and stage-specific expression, transcription of an RNA of appropriate size and abundance, and production of an sgs-3 protein, the correctly regulated expression of the Sgs-3 gene requires less than 3.4 kb of total flanking sequences, approximately 2.3 kb 5' and 1.1 kb 3'. Formation of a new intermolt puff at the site of insertion is not observed for all transformants which produce high levels of Sgs-3 RNA. Only transformants in which the introduced DNA from 68C also contains the Sgs-7 and Sgs-8 genes cause a new intermolt puff at the chromosomal location of the insert.

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