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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1986 Aug 21;860(2):268-76.

Pore formation by the mitochondrial porin of rat brain in lipid bilayer membranes.


The porin of the outer membrane of rat-brain mitochondria was isolated and purified. The protein showed a single band of apparent Mr 35,500 on dodecyl sulfate-containing polyacrylamide gels. The incorporation of rat-brain porin into artificial lipid bilayer membranes showed that it is able to form pores with an average single-channel conductance of 400 pS in 0.1 M KCI. The pores were found to be voltage-dependent and switched to substrates at higher transmembrane potentials. The voltage-dependence of the rat brain pore was considerably smaller than that of the other known eukaryotic porins. The possible role of the rat-brain porin in the regulation of transport process across the outer mitochondrial membrane is discussed.

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