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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986 Feb 26;135(1):25-32.

[3H]phenamil, a radiolabelled diuretic for the analysis of the amiloride-sensitive Na+ channels in kidney membranes.


The interaction of amiloride and amiloride derivatives with the Na+ channels of pig kidney membranes was studied from 22Na+ uptake experiments. The order of potency of the different molecules tested is: phenamil greater than benzamil greater than amiloride, ethylisopropylamiloride. [3H]labelled phenamil was prepared and used to titrate Na+ channels in pig kidney membranes. Kinetics experiments, equilibrium binding studies and competition experiments between [3H]phenamil and unlabelled phenamil indicate that phenamil recognizes a single family of binding sites with a Kd value of 20 nM and a maximum binding capacity of 11.5 pmol/mg of protein. The order of potency of different amiloride analogs tested in [3H]phenamil competition experiments is identical to that found for the inhibition of 22Na+ uptake by apical Na+ channels.

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