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Med Biol. 1985;63(4):187-90.

Additive and synergistic effects of a novel antiestrogen, toremifene (Fc-1157a), and human interferons on estrogen responsive MCF-7 cells in vitro.


The effect of human interferons alpha and gamma alone and in combination with a novel antiestrogen toremifene were studied in vitro using MCF-7 cell line, an estrogen receptor positive and antiestrogen sensitive cell line. The effects were evaluated by a simple bioluminescence method with which the number of living cells was obtained as cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) content. The growth of MCF-7 cells was inhibited both by interferon alpha and interferon gamma. At least additive effect was evident when the cells were exposed to combination of interferons and toremifene: the combination was additive with interferon gamma + toremifene and synergistic with interferon alpha + toremifene. The combination of toremifene and interferons may have clinical importance.

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