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Eur J Cell Biol. 1985 Nov;39(1):122-9.

Characterization of rat hepatocyte plasma membrane domains by monoclonal antibodies.


The hepatocyte plasma membrane consists of three morphologically and functionally distinct domains, the sinusoidal, the lateral and the canalicular. To study the distribution of antigenic determinants among these domains, we prepared monoclonal antibodies by immunizing mice with a crude, plasma membrane-enriched liver fraction. Four monoclonal antibodies were obtained that recognized various parts of the rat hepatocyte plasma membrane when tested by indirect immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase assay performed on formaldehyde-fixed liver tissue. Each antibody gave a different staining pattern when analyzed by light and electron microscopy. A59 exclusively labelled the part of the sinusoidal membrane facing the sinusoids. A39 mainly labelled the sinusoidal membrane. B1 mainly labelled the lateral membrane, while the labelling by B10 was almost completely limited to the canalicular membrane. Immunoblotting showed that the antibody B1 recognized an antigen of approximately 100 kilodaltons and that B10 recognized an antigen of approximately 125 to 130 kilodaltons. These antibodies allow us to distinguish the three domains of the hepatocyte plasma membrane.

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