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Cell. 1986 Jan 17;44(1):197-205.

DNA determinants of rRNA synthesis in E. coli: growth rate dependent regulation, feedback inhibition, upstream activation, antitermination.


We have examined the DNA regions required for rRNA synthesis in E. coli using promoter-lacZ and lambda PL-rrnB operon fusions. Sequences between -51 and -20 with respect to the P1 promoter transcription initiation site contain the critical information for growth rate dependent control. The region essential for growth rate regulation is the same as that necessary for feedback inhibition. A separate upstream region, between -51 and -88, increases rRNA transcription at least 15-fold and appears to have an abnormal conformation. The box A sequence downstream of promoter P2, but not DNA between P2 and box A, is required for efficient rRNA chain elongation. These results indicate that neither upstream activation nor antitermination determines growth rate dependence. Rather, growth rate regulation takes place at the target site for the negative feedback system, the P1 promoter itself. We propose that negative feedback regulation is responsible for the growth rate dependence of rRNA synthesis in E. coli.

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