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Life Sci. 1985 Nov 25;37(21):1971-83.

A comparison between dopamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase and 3H-SCH 23390 binding in rat striatum.


Methods for measuring 3H-SCH 23390 binding and dopamine (DA) stimulated adenylate cyclase (AC) were established in identical tissue preparations and under similar experimental conditions. Pharmacological characterization revealed that both assays involved interaction with the D1 receptor or closely associated sites. In order to investigate whether the binding sites for 3H-SCH 23390 and DA in fact are identical, the antagonistic effects of a variety of pharmacologically active compounds were examined. Surprisingly, the Ki-values obtained from Schild-plot analysis of the antagonism of DA-stimulated AC, were 80-240 times higher than the Ki-values obtained from competition curves of 3H-SCH 23390 binding. Since both assays were performed under identical conditions, the differences in Ki-values indicate the possibility of different binding sites for DA and 3H-SCH 23390 or, that DA and 3H-SCH 23390 label different states of the same receptor.

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