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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1985 Oct 15;132(1):210-6.

Monoclonal antibody specific for chicken DNA polymerase alpha associated with DNA primase.


Four monoclonal antibodies against chicken DNA polymerase alpha were obtained from mouse hybridomas (see ref. 1). Two of them, 4-2D and 4-8H, recognized different epitopes of the DNA polymerase alpha-DNA primase complex as determined by a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Antibody 4-8H partially (about 30%) neutralized the combined activity of primase-DNA polymerase alpha as well as the DNA polymerase alpha activity. In contrast, antibody 4-2D did not neutralize DNA polymerase alpha activity, but neutralized the primase-DNA polymerase alpha activity extensively (up to 80%). Furthermore, although an immunoaffinity column made with 4-8H antibody retained virtually all of the DNA polymerase alpha with and without associated primase, a column made with 4-2D antibody did not bind DNA polymerase alpha without the primase, but retained the enzyme associated with the primase. These results indicate that 4-8H monoclonal antibody is specific for DNA polymerase alpha and 4-2D monoclonal antibody is specific for the primase or a special structure present in the primase-DNA polymerase alpha complex.

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