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J Immunol Methods. 1985 Oct 10;82(2):359-67.

Comparison of techniques for the detection of monocyte specific antigens.


Monocyte specific antigens are relevant in renal and bone marrow transplantation, but a reproducible monocyte-antigen system has not yet been recognized. In order to establish a sensitive test system with reproducible results in monocyte serology, 3 different monocyte cytotoxicity techniques were compared. In our hands the two-colour fluorescence test on post-Ficoll total leukocyte suspensions fulfilled the criteria. This technique was used to screen sera from multiparous women and renal transplant recipients for the presence of monocyte specific antibodies. By testing sera on cells from individuals who were HLA compatible with the serum donors, anti-HLA reactions were excluded. Several promising sera containing monocyte specific antibodies were identified, thus indicating the success of our approach.

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