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Res Vet Sci. 1985 Jul;39(1):75-9.

Evaluation of a monoclonal antibody to the K99 fimbrial adhesin produced by Escherichia coli enterotoxigenic for calves, lambs and piglets.


All the K99+ Escherichia coli grown at 37 degrees C stained strongly with a peroxidase labelled K99 monoclonal antibody using a direct immunoperoxidase staining procedure. There was no reaction when these bacteria were cultured at 18 degrees C or when K99- E coli were grown at either temperature. The binding of the monoclonal antibody to K99 antigen was inhibited by OK antisera to heterologous K99+ E coli but OK antisera to E coli producing adhesins other than K99 were without effect. Using the slide agglutination test the reactions of the monoclonal antibody were identical to those of a polyclonal antiserum to K99 when both were used in parallel to examine 100 K99+ E coli from at least 10 somatic O groups and 1308 K99+ E coli from at least 82 different somatic O groups submitted for routine serological typing in England or the, USA. The monoclonal antibody reacted with K99+ E coli in cryostat sections of the ileum from a piglet infected with E coli strain B44 (O9: K30, K99, F41) but there was no reaction with similar material from piglets infected by E coli strains 1751 (O101: F41), X177/81 (O9: K103, 987P) or Abbotstown (O149: K91, K88ac).

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