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J Physiol Pharmacol. 2013 Aug;64(4):423-8.

Influence of fundectomy and intraperitoneal or intragastric administration of apelin on apoptosis, mitosis, and DNA repair enzyme OGG1,2 expression in adult rats gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.

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The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jablonna, Poland.


Apelin, endogenous ligand of G protein-coupled apelin receptor (APJ), is released into the gastrointestinal lumen, however, local effect of luminal apelin on gut epithelium has not been elucidated so far. The present study aimed to determine the effects of fundectomy, and intraperitoneal or intragastric administration of apelin on pancreatic, gastric and intestinal epithelium apoptosis, mitosis and DNA repair enzyme OGG1,2 expression in adult Wistar rats. Apelin-13 was given by intraperitoneal or gastric gavage twice a day for 10 days (100 nmol/kg b. wt./day). Fundectomized rats did not receive apelin. Control groups received saline as placebo. At the end of the experiment the rats were sacrificed and the pancreas, gastric fundus, duodenum, middle jejunum and colon tissue samples were harvested for immunofluorescence studies. Intraperitoneal and intragastric apelin-13 reduced apoptosis, mitosis and number of DNA damages in rats gastrointestinal tract (p≤0.001) as compared to control. In fundectomized rats, the apoptotic index in the pancreas and colon was decreased (p<0.001), and in the stomach and jejunum was increased (p<0.001). Mitotic index was decreased in all gastrointestinal tissues. Number of DNA damages (p≤0.001) in fundectomized rats was reduced except stomach where OGG1,2 expression was increased (p≤0.001) as compared to control. In conclusion, circulating and luminal exogenous apelin-13 caused similar effects on intestinal epithelium. Endogenous (gastric) apelin is important for renewal of intestinal epithelium in adult rats. Pharmacological doses of apelin-13 may reduce the cell turnover in the upper gastrointestinal tract epithelium and pancreas, and improve the overall gut health.

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