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Biochemistry. 1985 Apr 9;24(8):1909-14.

Effect of bovine basic protein charge microheterogeneity on protein-induced aggregation of unilamellar vesicles containing a mixture of acidic and neutral phospholipids.


Two of the charge isomers (components 1 and 2) normally found as microheteromers of myelin basic protein were isolated, and their abilities to aggregate vesicles consisting of mixed phospholipids were studied. Component 1 (the most cationic of the microheteromers) aggregated phosphatidylcholine (PC) vesicles containing 7.8 mol% phosphatidylserine (PS) more rapidly and at lower protein concentrations than component 2, which differs from component 1 by 1 net positive charge. Modification of components 1 and 2 in vitro by phosphorylation with rabbit muscle protein kinase decreased the ability of both components to aggregate vesicles. The greater the extent of phosphorylation, the less effective were the isomers at inducing aggregation. Decreasing the charge of either component 1 or component 2 by removal of the two C-terminal arginyl residues also decreased the ability of the isomers to induce aggregation. Therefore, charge microheterogeneity, whether arising in vivo or generated in vitro, markedly affected the ability of these microheteromers to aggregate PC vesicles containing 7.8 mol% PS. Because a small difference in the charge of the protein had a marked effect on vesicle aggregation, we propose that charge microheterogeneity may play an important and dynamic role in the structure and function of normal myelin.

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