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[Fluctuant hypertension and platelet activation: current situations and control strategies with integrative medicine].

[Article in Chinese]

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Center for Cardiovascular Disease, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100091, China.


In recent years a huge amount of clinical studies have proved that fluctuant hypertension could aggravate the damage of target organs and increase the incidence of acute cardio-/cerebrovascular events, when compared with stable hypertension [increased mean artery blood pressure (MBP)]. How to prevent and treat fluctuant hypertension and its damage of target organs has become one of the hot and difficult problems in the field of hypertension studies all over the world. Hypertensive patients often suffer from thromboembolic target organ damage. Platelet activation plays a key role in this progress, but its concrete mechanisms have not been clearly clarified. Based on the in-depth discussions on progress of fluctuant hypertension, its relationship with platelet activation and blood stasis syndrome of Chinese medicine (CM) in recent three years, we proposed, under the fluctuant hypertensive state, the prethrombotic state has occurred in the organisms, i.e., a pathological state featured by platelet activation, liable to have vulnerable thrombopoiesis, and accompanied by endothelial dysfunction. Blood stasis syndrome might occupy an important position in CM syndrome typing of fluctuant hypertension. Herbs for activating blood circulation and removing stasis might have an extensive application prospect.

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