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J Urol. 1990 Feb;143(2):330-2.

Follicular cystitis in girls with untreated asymptomatic or covert bacteriuria.

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Department of Pediatrics, Gothenburg University, Göteborg, Sweden.


Nodular changes of the bladder mucosa, that is cystitis follicularis or cystitis cystica, are found in 2 to 9% of all children with urinary tract infections. The nodules are composed of lymphoid aggregates, resembling Peyer's patches in the intestine. Children with this finding are considered to have a poor short-term prognosis with a marked tendency for recurrent infections. Screening programs for bacteriuria have revealed that a few per cent of the female population are bacteriuric without symptoms of overt disease. Of 59 girls followed with untreated asymptomatic bacteriuria 52 had nodular changes of the bladder mucosa at cystoscopy. Biopsy was performed in 22 girls, and revealed lymphocytic infiltration in 19 and follicular formation in 11. The nodular changes persisted when bacteriuria continued but disappeared in patients who became abacteriuric. This finding demonstrates the reversibility of the changes, and supports the assumption that they are secondary to the presence of bacteria and not a primary lesion.

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