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World J Mens Health. 2013 Aug;31(2):136-40. doi: 10.5534/wjmh.2013.31.2.136. Epub 2013 Aug 31.

The role of androgen in the adipose tissue of males.

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Department of Family Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea.


Adipose tissue, where various metabolic hormones are secreted, plays a role in metabolizing different substances including androgen. Within fat tissue, enzymes such as aromatase and aldo-keto reductase 1C are responsible for metabolizing testosterone into estrogen and 5-dihydrotestosterone into inactive metabolites. Adipose tissue can also affect the secretion of gonadotropin, which influences the formation of androgen in the testes. At the same time, androgen has an impact on the distribution and proliferation of adipose tissue. The adrenoreceptors for catecholamines, which have been proven to play an essential role in controlling lipolysis, function by being up-regulated by androgens. Furthermore, androgens regulate the activity of lipoprotein lipase, a key enzyme involved in intracellular esterification of adipose tissue.


Adipose tissue; Androgens; Testosterone

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