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Transpl Immunol. 2013 Dec;29(1-4):118-22. doi: 10.1016/j.trim.2013.09.001. Epub 2013 Sep 10.

Characteristics of Vδ1(+) and Vδ2(+) γδ T cell subsets in acute liver allograft rejection.

Author information

Peking University 302 Hospital, Beijing, China; Research Center for Liver Transplantation, Beijing 302 Hospital, Beijing, China.



To investigate the characteristics of γδ T cells as well as the Vδ1(+) and Vδ2(+) subsets in the peripheral blood in liver allograft recipients.


Sixty-three liver transplant recipients were enrolled in this study: 26 cases with acute allograft rejection (Gr-AR), and 37 cases with stable allograft liver function (Gr-SF). The frequencies of γδ T cells, the Vδ1(+) and Vδ2(+) subsets, and interleukin (IL)-10-producing Vδ1(+) γδ T cells in the peripheral blood were analyzed by flow cytometry. The relationship between liver function parameters and the Vδ1(+)/Vδ2(+) ratio was analyzed.


The frequency of the Vδ1(+) subset and the Vδ1(+)/Vδ2(+) ratio in Gr-SF was significantly higher than that in Gr-AR; in contrast, the frequency of the Vδ2(+) subset in Gr-SF was markedly lower than that in Gr-AR. In addition, there was no significant difference in the frequency of γδ T cells between the Gr-AR and Gr-SF groups. Moreover, there was a significant negative correlation between the Vδ1(+)/Vδ2(+) ratio with the levels of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in Gr-AR.


Vδ1(+) γδ T cells may have a potential role in maintaining stable graft liver function, and Vδ2(+) γδ T cells may be associated with liver allograft rejection. The Vδ1(+)/Vδ2(+) ratio could serve as a prognostic marker for acute rejection after liver transplantation.


ALT; AST; Acute rejection; CTLA; Gr-AR; Gr-SF; IL; Liver transplantation; NK; NKT; T helper; TGF-β; Th; acute rejection group; alanine aminotransferase; aspartate aminotransferase; cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen; interleukin; natural killer; natural killer T; stable function group; transforming growth factor; γδ T cell

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