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Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol. 2013 May-Jun;(3):60-8.

[Activating effect of a germanium-organic compound on immunocompetent cells during intranasal immunization of mice with a live influenza vaccine].

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Detailed characteristic of results of intranasal immunization of mice with one of two variants of vaccinating influenza virus, particularly in combination with a low molecular weight germanium-organic compound (LMW-GOC). An additional aim is evaluation of effect of LMW-GOC on the parameters of immune system in case of intranasal administration of the preparation without the addition of vaccinating virus.


The study was carried out in female CBA mice (18-20 g, 6 animals per group). Intranasal immunization was carried out by 2 different variants of B/Victoria influenza virus--once or twice with a 2 week interval. Cells for study were obtained from spleen and nasal- and bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT/ BALT) 24 hours and 7 days after intranasal administration of the preparations. The main method of the study--determination of the level of expression of various markers oflymphocytes in comparison with the level of the same markers in the cells of control group animals by using flow cytometry method. The mean parameters obtained were determined by using program package WinMDI 2.8.


The main results were the increase of level of expression of various lymphocyte markers obtained from mice after intranasal administration of the vaccines and their combination with LMW-GOC or LMW-GOC only without the participation of the vaccines. A significant increase of the expression of TLR9 marker compared with other parameters was noted. Administration to mice of wild B/Victoria strain notably more frequently conditioned the decrease of expression of some parameters compared with administration of the cold adapted strain. Effect of LMW-GOC without the vaccine also conditioned the increase of levels of markers however a combination of the preparations with the vaccine was more effective.


The increase of level of expression of a number of lymphocyte markers may serve as a sign of successful intranasal vaccination against influenza. LMW-GOC preparation increases immune stimulating effect of intranasally administered vaccines and in none of the cases weakens the stimulating result of effect of the vaccines, and in many cases increases it. LMW-GOC may be studied as a main or additional adjuvant for intranasal application of influenza vaccines.

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