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Effects of citicholine and of the combination citicholine + piracetam on the memory (experiments on mice).

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Institute of Physiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


The memory effects of citicholine (CCh) and piracetam (Pc) were tested in experiments on mice using the training method with passive avoidance and negative reinforcement (step-through). In single doses of 25, 50, 100 and 500 mg/kg, CCh applied one hour prior to training enhanced to the same degree and statistically significantly the retention of the memory traces in tests both 24 h and 7 days after the training session; Pc in a dose of 500 mg/kg improved the retention in memory tests 24 h after training, but had no significant effect during the tests 7 days after the training. Combined application of CCh and Pc in doses which are ineffective with respect to the memory process (CCh--10 mg/kg and Pc--200 mg/kg) caused a significant enhancement of the retention during the tests both 24 h and 7 days after the training. Scopolamine (2 mg/kg i.p.), applied 30 min prior to the training, manifested a marked amnestic effect during the tests 24 h after the training, but this effect was totally prevented if either CCh in a dose of 50 mg/kg or Pc in a dose of 500 mg/kg were applied before scopolamine. Citicholine in a dose of 100 mg/kg, as well as the combination of 50 mg/kg CCh and 500 mg/kg PC, not only completely prevented the scopolamine-induced amnesia, but they also significantly increased the retention of the memory traces in the scopolamine-treated mice compared with the retention observed in the control animals.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS).

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