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Physiol Behav. 1990 Apr;47(4):617-23.

Temporal effectiveness of mouth-rinsing on capsaicin mouth-burn.

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Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis 95616.


Oral rinsing with different solutions significantly reduced mouth-burn of capsaicin solutions in both eaters and noneaters of chili peppers. Cold solutions (5 degrees C) were more effective in reduction of mouth-burn than solutions at 20 degrees C. Sucrose solutions (10%) at 20 degrees C and whole milk at 5 degrees C were equally effective while 5% ethanol was no more effective in mouth-burn reduction than water at 20 degrees C. Reduction of mouth-burn by sucrose was not dose dependent. Noneaters of chili peppers experienced a slightly greater reduction of mouth-burn from sucrose solutions than eaters. Oral rinsing with sweetened milk containing 0 and 10% fat, of varying globule size, resulted in similar degree of mouth-burn reduction. The first (control) sample was rated higher in intensity than subsequent ones, suggesting desensitization, which appears to be due to the interaction of stimulation of chemo-, mechano-, thermo- and gustatory receptors.

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