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[Comparison of projection radiography and computed tomography for the detection of pulmonary nodules in the dog and cat].

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Klinik für Kleintiere der Universität Leipzig, 04103 Leipzig.



The aim of our study was to evaluate the value of projection radiography as a standard screening method for the detection of lung nodules compared to computed tomography (CT). Furthermore, we attempted to describe the reasons that might lead to a failed detection of pulmonary nodules in radiography.


From dogs and cats which were diagnosed in CT (multislice CT) with nodular changes in the lung pattern we selected radiographs (projection radiography with soft copy reading) in at least two projection planes produced in the same timeframe as the CT images. Exclusion criteria were nodules > 3 cm and homogenously calcified nodules (osteomata). A total of 70 animals (50 dogs and 20 cats) met the inclusion criteria.


In 43 animals (61%), nodular changes had already been detected using radiography and were then confirmed by the results of the computed tomography. In detail, 32 of 50 dogs (64%) and 11 of 20 cats (55%) showed nodular lesions in the radiographs. In cats, undetected nodules were often accompanied by highly changed lung opacities, resulting in a poor contrast of the lung. In dogs the reasons for a failed detection of lung nodules were relatively equally distributed to several causes. Interestingly, small nodule size itself was not the predominant reason for missing the nodules in radiographs.


In general, radiography still plays an important role as a screening method for the detection of nodular lung lesions. However, one needs to be aware, that a quite high percentage of nodular lung changes can be missed in radiographs. The overall detection rate in this study was 61%. Furthermore, we showed that plane radiographs are of poor diagnostic value when concurrent problems exist which lead to increased lung opacity.

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