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Can J Biochem. 1975 May;53(5):565-73.

Carboxylesterases (EC 3.1.1). A comparison of some kinetic properties of horse, sheep, chicken, pig, and ox liver carboxylesterases.


A comparative study of the kinetic be,avior of horse, sheep, chicken, pig, and ox liver carboxylesterases is reported. The enzymes exhibit similar specificites towards a series of phenyl esters in which the acyl group is varied, and towards a series of butyrate esters in which the alcohol group is varied. Non-Michaelis-Menten kinetics are exhibited by the horse enzyme in the hydrolysis of methyl and ethyl butyrates, and by the pig enzyme with ethyl butyrate. Each enzyme exhibits inhibition by one or more substrates. A simple scheme which accounts for both activation and inhibition is discussed. pH-k(cat) profiles for the horse and chicken liver carboxylesterase-catalyzed hydrolyses of phenyl butyrate demonstrate dependencies on pK(a)S of 4.75 and 5.0, respectively.

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