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Front Plant Sci. 2013 Jun 4;4:153. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2013.00153. eCollection 2013.

3D Gel Map of Arabidopsis Complex I.

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Institute for Plant Genetics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Leibniz Universität Hannover , Hannover , Germany.


Complex I has a unique structure in plants and includes extra subunits. Here, we present a novel study to define its protein constituents. Mitochondria were isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana cell cultures, leaves, and roots. Subunits of complex I were resolved by 3D blue-native (BN)/SDS/SDS-PAGE and identified by mass spectrometry. Overall, 55 distinct proteins were found, seven of which occur in pairs of isoforms. We present evidence that Arabidopsis complex I consists of 49 distinct types of subunits, 40 of which represent homologs of bovine complex I. The nine other subunits represent special proteins absent in the animal linage of eukaryotes, most prominently a group of subunits related to bacterial gamma-type carbonic anhydrases. A GelMap is presented for promoting future complex I research in Arabidopsis thaliana.


BN/SDS/SDS-PAGE, Arabidopsis thaliana; NADH dehydrogenase; OXPHOS system; blue-native; mitochondria; respiratory chain

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