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Gene. 2013 Sep 10;526(2):494-7. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2013.06.001. Epub 2013 Jun 10.

Klotho gene polymorphism of rs3752472 is associated with the risk of urinary calculi in the population of Han nationality in Eastern China.

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State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Department of Urology, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, 300 Guangzhou Road, Nanjing 210029, China.



The incidence of urolithiasis has considerably increased throughout the world in the last two decades. Clinical researches have showed an association between oxidative stress and stone formation. Emerging evidence indicated a novel function for klotho protein in anti-oxidative stress. In this study, we aimed at investigating a possible relationship between klotho gene polymorphisms and the risk of calcium oxalate urolithiasis in the population of Han nationality in Eastern China.


Klotho gene polymorphisms rs3752472 in exon3, rs650439 in intron 4 and rs577912 in intron 1 were investigated in 426 patients with calcium oxalate stones compared with 282 age-matched healthy volunteers with no history of stone formation, using TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays.


Significant differences were found between rs3752472 and the risk of nephrolithiasis as CC genotype of rs3752472 klotho polymorphism had almost 2-fold increased stone risk compared with the heterozygote genotype CT and homozygous genotype TT(95% CI=1.013-2.255, OR=1.512,p=0.043).


Our results showed that the rs3752472 polymorphism of klotho gene is associated with the risk of calcium oxalate urolithiasis and may act as a risk factor during stone formation in our study population.


CI; COD; COM; CaO(x); Cr; DNA; EDTA; ESRD; ESWL; FOXO; Insulin/IGF-1; Klotho; LDH; ORs; OS; Oxidative stress; PCNL; PCR; Polymorphism; ROS; SNP; SOD2; Urolithiasis; calcium oxalate; calcium oxalate dehydrate; calcium oxalate monohydrate; confidence interval; creatinine; deoxyribose nucleic acid; end-stage renal disease; ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid; extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; forkhead box; insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1; lactic dehydrogenase; mRNA; manganese-superoxide dismutase; messenger ribose nucleic acid; odds ratios; oxidative stress; pH; percutaneous nephrolithotomy; polymerase chain reaction; potential of hydrogen; reactive oxygen species; single nucleotide polymorphisms

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