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[Eustachian orifice malignant melanoma: a case report].

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The patient, a 52 year old male was admitted to the hospital, because of right hearing loss before three months. Six months ago; the patient had the right former group sinusitis and nasal polyps, and had the right former group sinus open and polypectomy operation outside the hospital. The surgery was uneventful and the postoperative dressing was done. He has no history of tinnitus, earache, ear pus, epistaxis, headache, dizziness. Physical examination on admission shows the right external auditory canal was clean, tympanic membrane integrity, pale yellow, mild depression, and poorly eardrum movement. The electronic nasopharyngoscopy show a black mass in the edge of the anterior lip of the right eustachian tube. The mass has a smooth surface, and only seen partly. Nasopharynx magnetic resonance shows in the right pharyngeal orifice visible there was a round short T2 node, maximum diameter of 13 mm, the border was clear. The parapharyngeal space had been compressed which close to the right eustachian tube torus. After the scan enhanced, the lesions was strengthened. The pure tone audiometry shows right mild conduction deafness, and the acoustic impedance showing right type B tympanogram curve. Eardrum puncture extracted got about 0.2 ml yellow liquid. Otitis media with effusion is considered. A biopsy is taken by means of the nasal endoscopic. The pathology report is the right eustachian orifice malignant melanoma. The immunohistochemical examination (Horton-Magath-Brown 45) showed a positive reaction.

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